I’m watching what I’m watching

I have a new rule for going to the gym. I am no longer allowed to watch the Food Network, or any cooking shows while doing cardio. Just seems beside the point to get off the treadmill and want to go eat, eat, eat.

The gym under my apartment is very, very convenient and very nice, and has these awesome tv’s attached to every single piece of cardio equipment in the place. It’s exciting, because sometimes the only way I get my butt to the gym is by not letting myself watch tv at home. If I want to watch the show I tell myself I have to watch at the gym. But I digress.

I like food (obviously) and I like to watch interesting food on tv. It’s weird but true.

I used to watch the lovely Anthony Bourdain and salivate over all the pork and beer and hot spiciness. It’s all good, but so hard to focus on keeping any kind of pace when you just want to lick the screen. *Slurp*

So, I’ve been trying a few different channels. A week or two ago I watched Dhani Jones as he battled on a bicycle up a massive hill in Italy.

Definitely inspiring, cause I happened to choose to ride the stationary bike that night even before I knew what I would watch.

I also watched Glee at the gym and was a little ashamed.

I happened to be watching a very, um, sexy episode and caught the guy next to me giving me funny looks. I love the show, but once again, it’s hard to keep pace when all you want to do is sing along.

Also, not really appropriate for the gym.

Last night, I think I found my new favorite gym watching show…King of the Hill.

What better than a good bit of comedy, a few comic beers, some Texas humor and those beer bellies to keep you motivated. I know lots of people don’t love this show, but I’ve loved it since I was in high school. Maybe I have a redneck fetish? Probably not, but I’ll be tuning in as the last shows are aired this week, and you can bet I’ll be on the treadmill.

walk in beauty,



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I love my body and I love Iowa. This is where my two loves meet.
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