Sometimes good food is worth a two hour drive.

Really. Good food can really be worth it, and there is nothing like good friends to share it with.

I belong to a “supper club” or sorts. It’s really a group of friends who wouldn’t see each other if we didn’t make plans to see each other. Seeta, the ringleader started us on a tradition recently of getting together once a month and going to a new restaurant, paired with some form of other activity. We are jokingly, and not so jokingly, called the Bacon Bowling Club. We all like bacon, bowling, and each other, so why not?

Last month we were in Des Moines (our fair capitol) at the Flying Mango. Really, really good barbecue, including some amazing catfish I dreamt of for days plus some awesome bowling at Val Lanes.

This month, we went to Cu in Waterloo preceded by a little gambling at the casino. I passed on the gambling, but Cu (referred to as Copper) was wonderful. Good food, good service, nice atmosphere and some seriously interesting space planning. I can’t decide if I enjoyed basically walking through the kitchen to get to the bathroom or not.

And what’s better, is that I was happy for the drive to Waterloo. Their downtown is really vibrant and well kept, in a way that makes you understand they put some effort into it. I’d rather see that, than a downtown in desperate need of some TLC.

The dinner conversation was interesting for sure. We talked food, LA, and the normal work/family stuff. And we talked about the nutrition information you find on the internet. It was interesting to be sitting at a table with five heavier people talking about fat, trans fat, and calories while eating a wonderful meal. There were some serious revelations about some of our favorite entrees and appetizers at some of the nation’s chain restaurants. As well as my recent revelation about Heath bars, but that’s for another time. There was also a good bit of debate as to which one was more important, healthy eating or healthy exercise. It was one of those wide ranging and non-conclusive discussions that left many of us feeling ambivalent about what we had just consumed.

I guess the lesson is, if you’re going to travel to have a really good meal, don’t talk healthy nutrition in the middle of it. You might walk away from the table less satisfied.

walk in beauty,


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