I’m travelling all over the fair state of Iowa this month to support the queer community throughout the state. As the Chair of Iowa City’s Pride Committee and a general go get ’em kind of girl I’ve been very active in helping the queer community, gay, lesbian, bi, trans and everything in between people, celebrate the fact that Iowa is one of the best states in the nation to simply be who we are.

Not that long ago, a woman like myself was discriminated against on the basis of my sex, gender, and preference of a partner. I remember every day that I am standing on the shoulders of giants, and because of them I have had a relatively easy time being a queer, feminine woman.

So whether it’s walking across the Mississippi to support my friends Rachel and Lindsey, or visiting with my neighbors in Cedar Rapids I am supporting Pride. This week, I’m sweating my ass off in Iowa’s fair capitol, Des Moines, and loving it, and next week I’ll be running around crazy organizing Iowa City’s Pride.

If you need to find me in the great state of Iowa, look for the rainbows, and I’ll be there.

walk in beauty,


About 99counties99pounds

I love my body and I love Iowa. This is where my two loves meet.
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