I woke up this morning and said to my girlfriend, Happy Surgery Day!

So no, I’m not having surgery, but my dear, sweet Catherine is.

She is having knee surgery to repair her knee from a fall over a year and half ago. Last year at this her Mom and I were sitting in the same waiting room we are now, waiting for news on a different knee surgery. That one was more minor and very hopeful at the time. She was able to be up and moving with three small scars in a matter of hours.

This time, she is getting a donor MCL and will have a much bigger scar let alone a longer recovery time. The most disconcerting part is that the surgeon, who is a very good one and the head of the department, has only performed this surgery twice in twenty years and this type of surgery has variable results.

Also, it is Friday the Thirteenth. Seriously?

I don’t have a lot of super introspective thoughts about surgery. I’m neither pro or against, but right now its what I’m thinking about and worrying about.

walk in beauty,


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I love my body and I love Iowa. This is where my two loves meet.
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