Summer Storms

Many years ago, I learned it was ok to enjoy a summer storm until the sky turned green. That’s when the tornadoes are coming and its best to retire to the basement.

I have lots of storm stories. There are the many times the creek overflowed up to the basement door. The time Ellen crawled under her bed when she first heard a storm siren. The time Roy told us about why Iowa storms are even better than LA sunsets. And the time I listened to a tornado sweep by like a freight train going 500 miles per hour while I sat in the bathroom at my first apartment.

They are all good stories, but I want to tell you about storms and driving. It’s important to know just in case you’re driving on I-80 and you run into a doozey.

This is a cautionary tale.

While driving back home to Iowa City from Des Moines this Monday night I started seeing flashes of lightning running north to south in front of me. Normally it wouldn’t bother me (I like driving in rain), but this was a lot of lightening and it was blinding.

So there I am driving along at about 70mph and I run smack into a wall of rain. As I said, I like driving in rain, but this was too much so I slowed down, annoyed some of the truckers who now needed to pass me, and got off at the next exit to waiting out. It didn’t take long, so I was back on the road in about ten minute.

And here’s where the cautionary tale part comes in.

I must have been nearly through the storm when I stopped for those brief ten minutes, because I caught up to the dang thing about five minutes later. You know, its like one of those story problems you get in junior high: If a storm is going 40mph east and a person is driving 70mph east how many times do you think she’ll drive through the same storm before she figures it out and just drives through the thing to get it over with?

For me, it ended up being three times. The first time I stopped. The second time I slowed down to get behind it. The third time I got off to take a deserted two lane highway so I could go 50mph, get through the storm and not piss anyone but myself off.

walk in beauty,


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