sweet sweat

Today I am reminded that construction workers smell like a mixture of dust, chew and sweat. Good Lord, I love that smell. It’s almost as good as the smell of service members who smell like a mixture of ironing, brasso/shoe polish and sweat.

And now for a train of conscience moment.
I vividly remember learning the difference in spelling between sweet and sweat. In one of the American Girl Kirsten books, there is a passage in which Kirsten is remarking on the smell of her mother and baby sister and she uses the phrase ‘sweet sweat’. The first time I read it I just could not understand what she was saying. I wondered if it was a typo and thought it should have been caught by the time I read the book. As someone who read above her age group I was used to coming across words I didn’t understand and usually if I kept reading I would either understand from context or find it didn’t make a big difference to the plot. This was a little different. I knew I should know these words and knew my brain was just being stubborn. I was one of those kids who didn’t stop while reading though, so I just pondered a second and kept reading. Eventually my adolescent mind figured it out, but I think I had to read the book a few more times before it finally clicked. Sweet, Sweat! Sometimes sweat just smells bad, just think about a teenage guy, and sometimes sweat smells wonderful and clean like when someone has been working outdoors in the winter. In this case, Kirsten is referring to the wonderful smell of her hard working mother. Sweet sweat indeed.

walk in beauty,



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