talk soup

It is windy in Iowa. The kind of windy that shatters the picture windows in my apartment buildings and rips the car door out of my hand leaving dents in the next car over. (The first one happened today, the second I just live in fear of.)

And due to that wind I just couldn’t face eating leftovers today. Veggie Chili Mac is all fine and good, but I don’t want it again on a day like today.  Enter Exotic India.  I love all forms of food, but I for sure have a bigger soft spot for Indian food than most people. I love the blends of spices, the mix of hot and sour, the naan and all the wonderful aromas.  And one other thing, but we’ll save that for the end.  Exotic India, like many Indian restaurants has a lunch buffet. It’s smart because I always want a little bit of everything, so when I go usually end up with something that looks like…

…this lovely plate of goodness.

There is some tandoori chicken, a samosa, zucchini kofta, chicken saag, and some broccoli on that plate. But the crowning glory is in that bowl with the spoon…

…daal soup.

I don’t know what they put in that soup, I don’t think I really care. It is the most mouth-watering soup I’ve had in years.


Yes, years.

So let’s talk soup. I don’t like them really thick, really creamy, or really sweet. I do like cold soup, I like partially blended soup with just little bits of texture and I love soup with corn in it for some reason. This soup, the daal soup, hit high in almost every category. It was thin enough to actually dribble off the spoon and had been blended a little, but still had a bit of parsley? and lentil floating through to make sure you chew a little and savor. It was not overly spiced or oily, but there was a distinct flavor of something buttery and a strong savory smell. I had two bowls. It was that good.

I am a bit torn about this meal. That soup was good enough for me to want two bowls, but one of the reasons I love Exotic India so much is the chai. It truly is the most delicious chai in the world. Tastes like tea and milk and a bit of sugar and spice and is better than dessert cause it’s so simple and wonderful.



I’m going to leave you dreaming about he most delicious chai in the world.

walk in beauty,



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