*snarky*, *snarky*, Halloween!, *snarky*

no pictures yet.
it’s just not time.

While waiting in line at Ragstock in Iowa City I was watching a girl run around the store trying to figure out what to be for all three nights of Halloween. You heard me correctly THREE NIGHTS. In Iowa City you have to dress up Thursday night for Thirsty Thursday, Friday night cause it’s Friday and Saturday night cause it’s Halloween. Right.

Anyway, while waiting in line at Ragstock I was watching a girl run around the store trying to decide what to be…
Does she need to buy cowboy hat to be a cowgirl?
No, her friend has one she can borrow.
Can a biker girl wear a navy bandeau?
Yes, it’ll be dark enough no one will know.
Are the peace sign earrings the right symbol for a hippie?
Yes, they should work, it’s very Paul McCartney.
What color peace signs should she get? Orange?
**(PLEASE get the orange ones. They will match your orange spray tan that matches your orange hair and then all you’ll have to do is put on some black lipstick and you’ll look like a pumpkin! Please!)**
No, the light blue one’s would be better.

Eventually the girls walk out with nothing and the line is that much shorter.

Did anyone else learn to spell Halloween with a song?

H, A, double L, O
double U, double E

walk in beauty,

H, A, double L, o
double u…

p.s. It would seem I was incorrect about the number of days you have to get dressed for Halloween in this town. It’s really four instead of three. Yup, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday each have to have a different costume. Good thing that only happens every 7ish years.


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I love my body and I love Iowa. This is where my two loves meet.
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